1 week ago

For our final comp, you could win a WRG gift pack which includes a hoodie, cap and shirt!

All you need to do is find one of our players and take a selfie with them, upload it to your socials, and ... See more

1 week ago

We are literally at the end! #ComicCon is here!

and to top it off we have one more giveaway to do! Watch our page to find out how to win.

1 week ago

Our Rocket League boys are in the VS Gaming Championship finals! 🚀🚀🚀
LFG champs!
Watch the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/telkomvsg
#WRG #RocketLeague #CoolIdeasISP #LogitechG #AMD #LFG

1 week ago

Our next giveaway 😄

We are giving away a White Rabbit Gaming Gift Pack (WRG Hoodie, WRG Team Shirt, WRG Cap, Logitech G502 X Mouse, Logitech G Cap and Logitech G String Bag)

All you have got to ... See more

1 week ago

2 days left! The excitement is real! 🚀

We have 2 more competitions to announce over the next 2 days so keep your eyes peeled to see how you can win with #WRG

1 week ago

And for our big giveaway!
We will be giving away 2 x Xbox Series S consoles and 2 x Logitech steering wheels!

All you have to do is:
- Attend #ComicCon (Obviously)
- Meet us at our stand and get ... See more

1 week ago

3 days left! 🚀🚀

We have another competition coming out today! Keep your eyes peeled!

#WRG #CoolIdeasISP #LogitechG #AMD #ComicCon

1 week ago

To kick off the first of our competitions we will be giving away 2 x White Rabbit Gaming Gift Packs! These bags will contain:

- The new Logitech G502 X Mouse
- Logitech G Cap
- Logitech G String ... See more

1 week ago

It's #ComicConSA Week and we are excited.
Keep your eyes peeled on our page today and this week as we will be doing loads of giveaways and competitions.
#WRG #LogitechG #CoolIdeasISP #AMD

2 weeks ago

Very pumped about our new Rocket League team kicking off their WRG career with this tournament happening at 7pm tonight!
Good luck guys!
#WRG #LogitechG #CoolIdeasISP #AMD #RocketLeague