2 weeks ago

As we build our Fortnite team to full capacity, we would like to welcome Jaryd "Krispyy" Pringle to the team! To be fair, having looked at this player, it's about time he gets signed and make even ... See more

3 weeks ago

Remember the LCQ for ALGS tonight! The Apex team will be fighting tooth and nail and bringing their A-game! This is big in case you were wondering...

Stream starts at 18:30 so work this into your ... See more

3 weeks ago

We tested the waters and we've been hooked! Welcome to the family Apex! This team has performed exceptionally well & we are happy to stand behind them moving forward!

First up, ALGS Last Chance ... See more

3 weeks ago
Tech Girl

Check out this short section on ENCA about esports. Our very own George "GeeMax" Smith talks about SIM-racing and gives his view on getting started in this title.

So George "GeeMax" Smith and I were on eNCAnews to talk a bit more about the rise of sim racing locally. We also got to play in the Black Ribbon Simulations - you can watch the piece here (round the ... See more

4 weeks ago

Sometimes people join White Rabbit Gaming and decide to grow into something they enjoy doing more. Zybrand Lombaard (ZyCeps) is one of those cases and we are glad to welcome him as one of our ... See more

4 weeks ago

Bruno Cadilhe has been busy netting some impressive times lately on the track! Congratulations with the podium placing in the ATK Arena #ProSeries!
More races on the way!

Cool Ideas Service ... See more

1 month ago

Congratulations to our Valorant team for bringing home the Mettlestate Valorant Cup! The team had a good run against some great opponents and came out on top!


WRG is proudly sponsored by ... See more

1 month ago

Welcome to our newest addition to the SIM Racing team Byron "NoKturtle" Walker! Looking forward to some fast cars and sweet placings!

LogitechG.SouthAfrica Cool Ideas Service Provider AMD

1 month ago

As many were enjoying their long weekend, our Dota team was grinding away in the @KeystrokeEsport Cup. We claimed second place going down to @Sinister5_SA 3-1 in the final.

Thank you to our ... See more

1 month ago

LogitechG.SouthAfrica ensures our players are always equipped with the best possible gear to deliver consistent and exceptional performance! The next-gen HERO 25K gaming sensor is their highest ... See more

The new standard for high-performance gaming sensors belongs in the world’s greatest gaming mice.

The next-gen HERO 25K gaming sensor is our highest performance and most responsive gaming sensor ... See more

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